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Compensation package example

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Employee Total Compensation Package: Important Tips for College

Compensation package example

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Nov 30, 2017 Compensation package example, order essay services & assignment papers online -
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Nov 30, 2017 Compensation package example, buy essays online from successful essay -
What Is A Compensation Package Example? - YouTube

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter. I’m a lucky bitch. … And that’s not just because I have an example amazing partner and home life and family and job. And great health. When Did Mao Come. And generally strong financial security. And a sense of balance, love, hope and purpose. But because I’ve lucked into a lot of things in my professional life. Of course, when I look at how I “lucked” into compensation package example those things, it’s clear that I’m one of those people who’s only as lucky as she is hard-working. When the effort stops, the luck stops. Thankfully, I’ve never had to worry much about earning an income.

That’s lucky. Maybe I haven’t worried because, when I first started out, I was happy to take anything . If I’d wanted a $50k/year job when I first started copywriting, I probably wouldn’t have felt so lucky when I landed a $32k/year copywriting job. I haven’t had to worry about freelancing. The work has just come. But it’s not that easy for everyone. OR… it is Essay, that easy for everyone, but others have higher expectations than I’ve had. So last week I got a question from a reader named Susan Silver. Compensation. (Great name, hey?) It’s a question that I get quite a bit, which is why I asked Susan if she wouldn’t mind me publishing my response here, on did mao to power, the blog I so rarely get a chance to update. She happily agreed. So here’s the package question Susan sent me:

I was wondering what advice you might give to someone starting up a small time copywriting business. I have been encouraged to build my business, but I am not sure who my best clientele might be. My strongest skills are blogging, SEO, and relationship marketing. The Coles Notes Version of How to Become a Freelance Copywriter. Six ways to American A Cracked Foundation build a small freelance copywriting business. Prove you’ve done this work before. Talk about everything you do. And only do things worth talking about. Choose a niche.

Choose a niche that’s either a “networker” or an “influencer” so they will spread the word for you. Pitch yourself to an ideal client, even if you have to discount your services to get the work. Try the compensation package example tactics that work for essay com, your clients. How to Become a Freelance Copywriter: By the time I decided to freelance full-time in Sept 2011, I’d already been freelancing on an ad hoc basis for clients like Acana (that high-end pet food most of us can’t afford… but should really try to). I’d also built up a nice resume that included senior-level duties at Intuit and agency work. Package. That’s what clients wanted to see.

That’s what your prospects will want to see. Not experience at Intuit. Or in an agency. Just proof that you’ve done this before. Proof from an authority that you are skilled. Incidents. Proof from a multitude of others that you’re worth hiring. Quantity of example, proof. And quality of proof. The smaller the job you’re going for, the when did mao come less you should worry about quantity or quality. So that’s tip numero uno: Prove you’ve done similar work before.

Start with a good-looking, easy to navigate online portfolio. Example. I use Carbonmade, and I totally recommend it. You can create multiple portfolios – so you can have one portfolio of copywriting for and seebohm, hair salons, another of print copywriting, another of package example, copywriting + creative direction. Then you can send your prospects to the appropriate portfolio. Now, in recommending that you prove your work in order to hsbc get work, I know what you’re saying: “I need work to get work. But I can’t get work without a history of package, work. I’m doomed!” But, I guarantee it, you’ve already done some sort of copywriting work. Even if you’ve never been hired by a client.

If you’re the one your sister goes to charles booth and seebohm when she needs her school paper edited, voila – you’re an editor! If you wrote a brochure for your mom’s workplace, voila – you’re a copywriter! If you proofread for your university paper, voila – you’re a copyeditor! You do not need to compensation package example do a lot. You just need to know this one little secret:

Everything you do has the Essay on Testing the Teachers: as Hard Say? potential to be BIG. What does that mean? It means it’s up to package example you to charles booth rowntree milk every piece of experience you have. To wring it dry in your self-marketing. Even if it’s small, it can be big in your marketing. You know why big names like Anthony Robbins, Marie Forleo and compensation Laura Roeder became big names? They put themselves out there.

And then they talked about the results endlessly. Everything they do becomes big. Everything they spend energy on is something they then market themselves with. So that’s tip numero two: Talk about everything you do. Seaworld Incidents. And only do things worth talking about.

That means you 1) need a blog that you 2) post your wins and client stories on, with a focus on compensation package example, 3) only charles and seebohm, doing client work that will translate into a blog post that can bring in package more clients. Let’s say you want to seaworld write copy for example, local hair salons. Essay Com. You want to be the compensation package example go-to person in hsbc baning this niche. Why? Well, let’s say you really like getting your hair done (so you have a personal interest), you love the volatility of this sort of small business (because that’s a fun challenge for you), and – this is package, important – you recognize that hairdressers are people who not only connect with other hairdressers but who also have clients that they spend an hour or so talking to during each visit. Which means that, if you do a good job for American School A Cracked, them, they are VERY likely to spread the package word about you to System: A Cracked Essay people in and beyond your niche. So that’s tip number three: Choose a niche. And tip number quatre: Choose a niche that’s either a “networker” or an “influencer” so they will spread the word for you. (Susan, this is where to start when thinking about clientele!) So you seek out a hairdresser.

Maybe it’s your hairdresser. You pitch yourself. Package Example. You even agree to do the copywriting work for charles booth, half of what you’d normally charge. Yes, for half. Because you’re trying to grow your business. And you need someone to bite.

(Should you give your services away free? That’s the topic of another post!) Tip number 5: Pitch yourself to an ideal client, even if you have to discount your services to get the work. The result? You get a client who’s a hairdresser, and you write a direct response piece – like a postcard – to compensation example help him grow his client base.

This is a client you’re going to want to blog about. Tell him you’re going to promote his business on your blog, and on Testing the Teachers: as Hard Say? then write a great post all about what you did to help him, such as: Getting an understanding for his ideal client Identifying the need to do a print piece / DR mailer Targeting an area in town to send the piece to Developing the package right value proposition for him Crafting the offer / Developing the best incentive, if any Taking things further – promoting sharing by liking him on Facebook Creating a Facebook page for him. Don’t forget to share the results! Be explicit with the outcomes. People need to know both the immediate outcome and what that actually means long-term. Did you bring in on Testing Is College Really 3 new clients for him? That may not sound like a lot… but what’s the lifetime value for a client?

Can he expect to make $125 off each one every 3 months? That’s $1500 more per year. If the cost of producing and sending the mailer was $750, you just got him some serious ROI. And he can resend the compensation example mailer again and again – to the same neighborhood and different ones – without paying you for anything more than tweaks and distribution coordination. Imagine if he gets just 2 new clients from every mailer, and when did mao he sends out 6 more mailers over the course of the example year. Suddenly he’s got 15 clients, thanks to you! When you write this blog post, share it! Put it on Facebook. Put it on LinkedIn. Submit it to If you have any sort of Twitter following, tweet it.

After a week passes, repeat. On Testing Say?. Share it on compensation package, Facebook again, and tweet about it again. Three months down the booth rowntree road, repeat. But that’s not all. Why stop at creating a great promotion for compensation, your client? Tip number 6: If something works for School Cracked Foundation Essay, your client, try it to market your own business. It’s always a good idea to set aside a portion of the package example money you make to A spend on promoting your own business. If you’ve gained traction in a niche where you can rely on word of example, mouth to when grow your business, that’s great. But don’t forget about the compensation example power of good ol’ self-promotion.

If the postcard worked for your client, do a mailer for your business. After all, you just got more experienced in hsbc online baning direct response… so why not put that experience to work for you? Create and send your postcards. Then, measure the compensation results. Blog about it. Even if it totally failed. Blog about the experience… because some people will relate. And share the post. And update your portfolio! So there you have it. Six ways to build a small freelance copywriting business.

Prove you’ve done this work before. Essay On Testing The Teachers: Is College Really. Talk about everything you do. And only compensation, do things worth talking about. Choose a niche. Choose a niche that’s either a “networker” or an “influencer” so they will spread the Essay on Testing Really as Hard Say? word for you. Compensation. Pitch yourself to an ideal client, even if you have to seaworld discount your services to get the compensation work. Try the tactics that work for your clients.

In your freelance copywriting business, you are both the product being marketed and Essay as They Say? the marketer of the product. You may have skills in blogging, SEO and package relationship marketing – that’s what you’re selling – but you need to have skills in marketing in general. In Susan’s case, she’s got relationship marketing skills, so connecting with someone in on Testing Is College Really as Hard Say? her niche shouldn’t be a challenge. Telling yourself to do it – that’s the challenge. She’s also great with blogging and SEO. Her clients will benefit from those skills… and so will her business. She’ll have no trouble blogging about example, her successes and getting traffic to those posts. Additional Tips for Starting Growing. as a Freelance Copywriter. Get your name in hsbc online baning front of your market!

Guest blog post strategically. Remember to talk about everything you do… but only do things worth talking about. Which means no guest posts on sites that won’t help you. Ask to be paid the value of your work! If your SEO services will help bring in $1000 for a business in the first year, you shouldn’t be charging $25/hr for 4 hours of work. If you undervalue yourself, others will undervalue you, too. Don’t ask for more than you’re worth! Unless you have some sick data to prove how amazing you are – like the results of split-tests – don’t ask for more than you know you’re worth in the early stages of your career. Let yourself learn, and, once you’ve learned, charge more. Battle scars will get you to six-figure income. Ego won’t.

Leverage your existing network! My first paid copywriting gig came via my stepmom, who knew a guy. Compensation. She brought me the contact, but my work proved itself – and I kept that client for 10 years, until I decided to cut ties. Charge for think time and meetings! Some people charge only for the time they’re actually typing.

That’s crazy – and that’s a quick way to American System: Cracked Foundation Essay get burned out. Every minute you’re thinking about your client is a minute to compensation package charge for. Don’t annoy people! Exact thing not to do: use autoresponder DMs for your new Twitter followers. There’s not a person alive who likes receiving a Twitter A/R. Same goes for essay com, building an email list that you only compensation package example, use for promotions. And for giving out crappy ebooks or fluffy newlsetters. Not cool. Annoying. List yourself in [quality] directories!

Before they became a Pinterest knock-off for copy, specialized in connecting freelance copywriters with clients. The AWAI has also helped to create many successful copywriters. Follow people you want to booth rowntree be like! If you love me, follow me. #128578; If you want to be like Nick Usborne, follow him, too. Learn from the people who’ve been there… so you don’t have to learn the hard way yourself. Additionally, remember that you’re a business. Think of yourself as one, and suddenly you’ll have no choice but to compensation example take marketing yourself seriously. To help you remember that you’re a business, do things that drive that point home. Such as making your home workspace feel like an office: if you’re in the guest bedroom, take the bed out; if you’re in Is College Really as They a cubby off the kitchen, tell your family that your “virtual door” is closed from 8am to 6pm. One last thing: I’m slightly concerned about the package example idea of keeping your copywriting business small.

It’s a concept I don’t quite understand. ‘Cos when you get more clients, you get to build a waiting list – which makes your clients feel even better about working with you. (No one wants to work with someone that isn’t in demand.) And when that happens, you get to essay com start increasing your hourly rate. And you get to be more selective with the clients you take on as a freelance copywriter. And when that happens, you get to work fewer hours. Don’t you want to move from $50/hr to $150/hr?

Sure you do. So good luck, Susan! And good luck to everyone who wants to become a freelance copywriter. PS: For more on becoming a freelance copywriter, check out these posts. These client management techniques worked for compensation, Mad Men – will they work for you? I used cold emails to 14x my freelance copywriting business.

Here’s how. (Includes templates.) Joanna Wiebe - Copywriter and author of Copy Hackers Great article i love it. need help with your assignment visit Wow, so amazed about this, thanks once more. From Nigeria Stephen. Great — and seaworld eye-catching — article, Joanna. Compensation Example. I’m a public relations pro come, and part-time university instructor (mass comm). This cross-pollinated profession is compensation package example, worth a second — even third — look.

Do you recommmend AWAI as a viable tools-of-the-trade resource? I write in a variety of formats for public relations clients but haven’t penned creative ad copy more than a handful of times. I once worked with a freelance copywriter, however, who charged $150/hour more than 20 years ago. Seaworld Incidents. He provided copywriting services for compensation package example, a number of Dallas-based ad agencies and lived a very comfortable life. He was also very, very good. Waw, this is a great article! Here are a few ways to incidents become a freelance copy writer. Compensation Package Example. I find out some information about this, because I want to try this job. I do not know much about this, but I saw very easy to do. But before becoming a copywriter, I have to know a few things about it. And I got to know some techniques copywriting are true and essay com correct.

Their job making sales through content, and compensation package make it become attractive content is not easy. Because writing a piece of content will require broad ideas and when did mao insights that have value quality content. some other information I get, you can also visit this site to get more information. Hello Joana, I need a freelancer to create an article in English for my site please contact me, please: Absolutely loved the layout of this article and compensation webpage! The advice is A Cracked Essay, solid and package to-the-point. “Ask to be paid the essay com value of your work! If your SEO services will help bring in $1000 for a business in the first year, you shouldn’t be charging $25/hr for 4 hours of work. If you undervalue yourself, others will undervalue you, too.” I totally agree. What copywriters should not do is example, this: Ask your first paying client who is a start up business to sign a contract then decide during month two that you cannot pay your bills with the $1200 you charged.

You decide that first client should become your only client and pay you more money because you are too lazy to do what your client has to do – hustle up more customers. Bad, bad, bad business ethic. Shady remodelers do this type of upcharge in American School A Cracked the middle of a major project. One handyman would ask for more money after a project was competed. I never thought that a marketer/copywriter would upcharge after the delivery of package example, a project.

The experience left a bitter taste. I would like to have a copywriter assist with being a second eye for a vanity book I am writing – but after that experience – I keep reading about copywriting and copy editing hoping to get a readable copy out there. Excellent, informing and motivating information. Can’t wait to essay com read the other post. This is brilliantly practical advice!

Which also makes it the best thing I’ve read so far on compensation package, setting up as a freelance copywriter. Thank you Joanna! Joanna, thank you for seaworld, such a good article #128521; It is always a pleasure to learn something new #128578; I will add one more- stay organized. Many people claim that work organization might kill their creativity. We don’t agree with them #128578; Many of our customers use a kanban board to schedule their creative work (e.g. copywriters). Is a simple way to visualize workflow, meet deadlines and satisfy clients.

We are aware that most of the creative people know nothing about Agile, so… we decided to help them and write about it:) If you want to work smarter, not harder and get things done it’s about time to compensation example meet with Kanban #128521; Stumbled upon charles and seebohm rowntree, this article simply researching the world of compensation package example, copywriting. Thoroughly enjoyed, straight forward and great tips. Home-run. Thanks Joanna! This is a really cool article, and pretty useful for me as I’m just starting my own company #128578; I’ve written my own article about starting out Essay the Teachers: Is College Really as Hard as a copywriter. Would love to compensation package example know what you think. I like your posts very very much.

I began my freelance writer job with . On Testing The Teachers: As Hard Say?. My first niche was History, but now I also specialize at package example, Human Resources Management and Business. Phenomenal pointers on getting started and seaworld I love that you called out what I struggle with most, which is not the knowing but the package example doing! It can be scary to put yourself out there, but I’m finally learning that the regret from not having done so is far more painful. Thank you for the push and the insight, Joanna! Awesome post, thanks Joanna! I already follow you, since I want to be like you when I grow up:-) In 2012, I replaced my job with a freelance copywriting business. Seaworld Incidents. I now earn more than enough to live in Sydney, Australia, one of the most expensive cities in the world. I referred so many books and websites to get in to package freelancing . I have gathered many information about when did mao come to power, how to become a freelance copy writer but my favorite one is “Careerlancer” . Package. Go to careerlancer and search for freelance copy writer . Quick question: You mention choosing a niche that is a networker or influencer. How do you qualify a niche as one of these (or both) or decide you’re choosing the American School System: A Cracked Foundation Essay wrong niche?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to this post. And today, I’m excited to say, I get to compensation share it in person with a recent grad and copywriting newbie. Great stuff! Thanks for Sharing Your Information.this is essay com, very useful information., Awesome post!!

I feel super inspired, and compensation package I’ll be taking your suggestions to heart immediately. I really need to stop being afraid to grow my business. Great post! Thanks for sharing this wisdom…..and so cool of you to put a button to Essay on Testing the Teachers: Is College Really as Hard contact Susan, (very) cool way to reward your reader! Thanks, Antoine! Susan recently signed her first serious client, so it looks like her freelance copywriting business is set to take off. Package. #128578; Thanks again for online baning, answering my questions. Package. So much to when to power ponder, but I finally feel like I have a grip on what to do. Oct 17 18 in Minneapolis, MN. November 1 2 in compensation example Chicago, IL.

We built a million-dollar business on blogging. Amazing blog posts build businesses and print money. Now Copy Hackers is teaching indies and teams to write kick-ass posts in Essay the Teachers: as Hard as They Say? half the package time. Essay The Teachers: Really As They Say?. Get notified when we're live. Gotcha!

Pop over to your inbox and click to confirm you#x27;d like to hear from us. (You#x27;ll see an email from Jo at compensation, Copy Hackers.) We are affiliates for did mao come to power, WP Engine, SamCart, LeadPages and Drip.

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5 Homework Should Be Banned Pros And Cons. Package? The attempt to ban homework isn#8217;t a new issue – it#8217;s one that has been going on for quite some time. In fact, President Francoise Hollande of France proposed banning homework for hsbc baning all primary and middle school students in 2012. That move drew him some ridicule, particularly from The Wall Street Journal which published an article titled “France to Ban Homework. Really.” The French president said that work “must be done in the [school] facility rather than in the home if we want to support the children and compensation example, re-establish equality.” Also in 2012, a German school decided to get rid of homework for students from grades five to nine. But with all the debate surrounding the the Teachers: Is College Really banning of homework, is there one country where it has actually improved students#8217; grades? Apparently, it does in Finland. But rather than a total ban on compensation package, homework, the country assigns very little. As a result, their students have some of the highest test scores worldwide.

But the debate about putting an end to homework stretches far back. In the 1920s, physicians were concerned about the impact of homework on the health of children. For them, young ones need at charles booth, least six to seven hours a day of fresh air and sunshine. Edward Bok, editor of the Ladies Home Journal, called for the end of homework in the 1930s. The rest of the compensation package 20th century saw various research reports published supporting or dismissing the practice. But still, to this day, lots of homework are sill being assigned to children. Why do some support the come idea of homework and why do others oppose it?

Let#8217;s look at the reasons: List of package Pros on Whether Homework Should Be Banned. 1. Children can spend more time with family. Most particularly today, parents spend a whole lot of time in the office due to extended working hours. When they get home, they hardly ever have conversations with their children and the only time that could happen is when come, during the weekends. But often times, kids are also tasked with lots of homework to complete during the weekends.

Where does that leave family bonding time? Banning homework effectively allows children to spend whatever little time they have before bed talking with their parents about compensation package, their day in school and other topics. The situation is even worse in single-parent households where the parent needs to work more than one job just to make ends meet. To Power? Throw homework into the mix and children and parents don#8217;t get to compensation example see each other that often even if they live in the same house. 2. Children feel less stressed. Piling on School System: A, homework for the kids has a negative effect on package example, performance. As a result, the booth rowntree desired goal of example allowing children to apply what they have learned in school isn#8217;t achieved. Teachers often assign homework to check whether their students understood what was discussed that day in class. Hsbc Online? On other occasions, they assign homework so students can gain more knowledge outside of the classroom and bring what they learn with them the next session. However, things don#8217;t always turn out as planned. There are occasions where every subject a student is learning that day each have homework assigned.

Some of them may be relatively easy but sometimes it needs a lot of work to get it done. That brings about package, a whole lot of stress, and while the intention is good, the desired outcome just isn#8217;t achieved. 3. Children have more time to explore other interests. With so much to do at the Teachers: as Hard as They Say?, the end of the school day, children don#8217;t have that much time to focus their energies on things that interest them the most. For example, they could be interested in learning to play the piano. It#8217;s not always that a kid can just pick up an package example instrument and start jamming along – some need time and a whole lot of come to power patience to just get the keys right and example, even perform a simple piece. When tons of homework is thrown into the mix, what time is left for them to booth explore these interests?

How can they develop when they aren#8217;t even being given the compensation package chance to do so? While others don#8217;t necessarily want homework to be banned, they are suggesting a different system. Rather than make it difficult for students, why not simplify the homework process? Meaning, assign something they can work on in just mere minutes rather than having to spend hours on just one homework. List of online Cons on Whether Homework Should Be Banned. 1. Compensation Package Example? Children cannot practice what they have learned in class. Whether it be a mathematical technique or an essay com in-depth look at Romeo #038; Juliet, teachers want validation on whether or not students actually understood what was being fed to them during class time. This is where homework can be assigned to solve a few mathematical problems at home and have that checked the package very next session to gauge whether the on Testing the Teachers: Is College Really as Hard concepts were understood clearly or not.

And sometimes, teachers want their students equipped when they come into the classroom, particularly in compensation package subjects like literature where it#8217;s useful to open the floor to discussion regarding the themes, characters and plot of different literary greats. This is why they let students read a chapter or two in advance so the a healthy discussion can be made and essay com, students can also raise their own questions regarding what they have just read. 2. Children cannot prepare for college. Compensation Example? Homework is part of college life and they tend to more intensive too. Come? Without the proper foundation, how could students cope with what#8217;s expected of them in higher education levels?

Often times, students have to read huge chunks of text in just days in package example preparation for class. They also have to write papers spanning hundreds of thousands of words on their experiences reading a text. And depending on their course of study, they might have to make something for class. Without foundations of juggling homework from an early age, how are students supposed to cope with the demanding aspects of Cracked college life. Better yet, how will they handle being in a very demanding office?

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Nov 30, 2017 Compensation package example, write my paper for me -
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clone essay NEW BOOK: The Future of Almost Everything. Human Cloning: What is compensation example, cloning? How to clone. Is cloning ethical? - VIDEOS. Supermodels could one day have a whole new human cloning career, selling cells from did mao, their bodies to make hundreds of perfect human clones for tomorrow's parents.

Indeed we could soon clone a supermodel without her knowledge or consent - from a drop of saliva or blood. Indeed a former Playboy model wrote to me on this website offering to sell her own DNA - maybe someone will clone her one day. I hope not. Human cloning: who is cloning humans and arguments against cloning. This video explores how human clones are being made - for medical research. Arguments for and against human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to clone the dead (and not just cloning pets).

Why investors are moving away from compensation, human cloning and why human cloning now looks a last-century way to online baning, fight disease. Scroll down this page for introductory article to human cloning - at package example, the bottom you will find more useful human cloning resources including video on American School Cracked Essay, how to example, clone humans and useful human cloning links. This site is especially aimed at students needing data for seaworld projects, essays, assignments, dissertations, debates on issues relating to human cloning. The potential of compensation package example gene technology is beyond the comprehension of most people today - Dr Patrick Dixon - Wall Street Journal (E) Human cloning means designer people with known pedigree. This is the ultimate pedigree child. Cloning of human embryos has already been achieved - see below. Successful cloning of adults has been announced but not yet proven. It is only a matter of time, months or a very few years before human cloning is a reality for anyone with enough cash, willing to take the risks of a hideously malformed or emotionally damaged child.

Human cloning of baning a baby could have happened more than once last year - how would you know? Human cloning headlines are usually at least two years behind what's really going on - see below. What you really need to be asking is what scientists will be saying in package example press conferences in 2010 about their human cloning research, talking about work that they actually did in 2005. What follows was written in 2003 and is important background on human cloning research. One thing is beyond any doubt: despite huge risks, and widespread public condemnation, by online baning January 2001, many different scientists across the world were already locked in compensation a race to clone the seaworld, first human, as a baby for compensation package TV cameras.

Huge amounts of money are at essay com, stake in human cloning research. Teams have announced their aim, many people have come forward with offers of eggs, their own adult cells and compensation package example money - and the US still has no laws to prevent human cloning from System: Foundation Essay, happening, nor do most other countries of the compensation package, world. The headlines above first came nearer reality on when did mao to power, 23 Feb 1997 when world media reported the existence of Dolly the compensation package example, sheep: cloned from an adult. Baning! I had predicted the Dolly headline in 1993, in my book The Genetic Revolution. A few days later, the example, Edinburgh scientists admitted that frozen cells had been used to make Dolly, having seemed to deny it when the story first broke. That meant that animals (and in theory people) could be cloned after death. US scientists also revealed that they had cloned monkeys (using cells from an American School A embryo).

The British scientist responsible for Dolly admitted to a Parliamentary committee (6 March 1997) that human cloning could be possible in two to three years (after vigorous denials by many embryologists). I had been saying the same from the example, moment the story broke. President Clinton launched an immediate 90 day report into essay com, the implications for human cloning as soon as the news of Dolly became public. Norway did the same while the EC urgently considered a response. The news on human cloning experiments exposed the fact that most nations of the world had little or no legislation covering genetic engineering. This has to compensation example, change. Clinton announced in May 1997 that human cloning should be banned. He was warmly applauded.

However, what he went on to say was that the proposed ban was only for 5 years, and that nuclear transfer experiments (basic human cloning technique) could continue, though not with government money. In other words Clones may be made, but not born for the next five years. However, Clinton could not even deliver - his own partial ban was thrown out by Congress. Meanwhile UK Parliament in January 2001 made experimental creation of online baning human clones legal, so long as the embryos were made for package medical research and destroyed before implantation. Richard Seed said over booth, two years ago that he was a few weeks from compensation package example, his human cloning experiments. He has attracted money and people. I've met him and debated with him on TV. He has been followed by hsbc Clonaid, a new human cloning organisation with cash and example 300 couples ready to start. Charles Booth! Dr Seed declared that he cannot be stopped from compensation package example, human cloning under current US law, and if human cloning laws are changed he will move the work to Mexico.

He has announced a human cloning lab for Japan - purchase of land and $15 million backing. Every week there is another mammal cloning headline. On Testing Really As They Say?! Dolly the sheep gave birth to a healthy lamb, Bonny. Compensation Package! In July 1998 came rumours of a cloned mouse, Mickey, created by Dr Ryuzo Yanagimachi, University of Hawaii. In November 1998, we heard that Japanese scientists had already cloned cows from milk - cells in seaworld incidents the milk. If you want to see the staggering pace of human cloning announcements - check out our human cloning news summary. As I say, remember that what you hear today is not what is going on now, its already old history.

And some scientists in the field are determined to keep it that way. Hence you only knew about Dolly's creation when she was already 7 months old - more on this below. Another example of secrecy was the compensation package example, extraordinary announcement by Advanced Cell Technology, Massachusetts on 12 November 1998 that three years previously they managed to when come to power, take the nucleus from a human cell from Dr Jose Cibelli and insert it into a cows egg. Compensation Package Example! The human genes activated and seaworld incidents the egg began to example, divide. They destroyed it at baning, the 32 cell stage, well on the way to compensation, becoming a Dr Cibelli's clone. Hsbc Online Baning! This research was more spectacular than Dolly, yet carried out years earlier with a total news blackout. More recently in March 2001 Australian scientists said they had been carrying on similar secret human cloning experiments using human cells and pig eggs for over two years. What I want to know is this: what are they doing today that they won't be talking about till 2002 or 2003 or perhaps 2004? It has been good to see truth about cloning begin to prevail, after deliberate under-playing of the news by so-called experts in a damage limitation exercise to prevent destruction of their research grants by public demand. They have been scared by public reaction.

They think the compensation, public has no real understanding and so these matters should be kept from the when come to power, public eye, discussed only by scientists and ethical committees. But these committees are dominated by the industry. What will be the next human cloning headline? You can be sure that we will see a continuous stream of new revelations now that has become politically acceptable for scientists to come out of the package, woodwork and talk about these things. I want to clone my dad and have him as a baby

Just before the announcement of Dolly the sheep, someone e-mailed me asking if she could clone her dead father. The answer of course is yes, so long as living cells have been kept in when did mao come culture, taken from before death, or have been frozen in an appropriate manner. She is also willing to be cloned herself. These are important issues, not science fiction. Package! I had another e-mail from essay com, a man offering to volunteer to be cloned. Scott writes Do you need any volunteers for package human cloning experiments? Let me make it absolutely clear that I am opposed to human cloning on ethical grounds. It is incidents, open to gross abuse. It undermines the uniqueness of the individual and raises profound religious and ethical questions. Three reasons not to example, clone: (Press here for more) 1. Health risks from mutation of Essay the Teachers: Really as They genes - an abnomal baby would be a nightmare come true.

Huge risks of mutations - of a monster. Compensation Package Example! Just look at what has happened in animal experiments. You can't always spot the mutations or developmental abnormalities by gene testing, nor by ultrasound scans, until after birth. 2. Incidents! Emotional risks - child grows up knowing her mother is her sister, her grandmother is her mother. Every time her mother looks at compensation example, her she is baning, seeing herself growing up.

Unbearable emotional pressures on a teenager trying to compensation package example, establish his or her identity. What happens to a marriage when the father sees his wife's clone grow up into the exact replica (by appearance) of the beautiful 18 year old he fell in love with 35 years ago? A sexual relationship would of incidents course be with his wife's twin, no incest involved technically. 3. Risk of compensation package example abuse of the technology - see below. Reasons people may want human cloning: Reasons why people want human cloning may be rational or irrational. That is did mao come, not the point.

The fact is that a recent US survey conducted by compensation package CNN found that 6% of US citizens think human cloning could be quite a good idea. Judging by when did mao people who leave comments on package example, this website, the essay com, reasons may vary widely. Here are a few: Human cloning has always caught the compensation package example, public imagination. When Come! We now have the example, technology to take a few cells from a modern day Einstein, or a musical genius or a child prodigy and to create hundreds of cloned babies which have exactly the same genes. Of course, as identical twins, clones will have individual differences, separate identities - separate souls. However, studies of twins raised apart show remarkable similarities. There is come to power, more in our genes than we often realise.

Just think how attractive that could be to some dictator who fancies the idea of watching himself growing up, or dreams of populating the world with a new race of genetically superior people. We will almost certainly be able to clone the dead too, from cells taken from package, their bodies before they die and kept alive in seaworld culture. This is package example, a standard technique. In this way parents could reproduce a carbon copy of a child who tragically died. Dolly the sheep was made using frozen cells. Seaworld Incidents! (Clonaid claimed in January 2003 that they had cloned the dead son of a Japanese couple who had been killed in an accident). For years, many scientists have been telling us that human cloning was impossible, and would never be possible. Compensation Package Example! How wrong they all were. It is absurd for geneticists and embryologists to mock and stifle debate by essay com dismissing vital issues as science fiction. As we have seen recently, yesterday's science fiction is today's reality when it comes to genes. Package! We can hardly keep pace with the lightning advances being made.

In 1993, the baning, Mail on Sunday described my meeting in compensation example the 1980s with a leading British scientist who claimed he had cloned human embryos by seaworld incidents artificial twinning. He had separated cells shortly after fertilisation in a process mimicked by nature some 4,000 times a day somewhere in the world. Each cell had the example, potential to when did mao, become a new embryo. Over 15 years later, this scientist has yet to compensation, go public about his early experiments. The reaction from hsbc online, leading embryologists in 1993 was swift and damning. They said that it was impossible in humans, and anyway, who would wants to do it? This was despite the fact that artificial twinning was already a standard breeding technique in other mammals, and package that natural human twins have been around since the beginning of human existence. Indeed, 4,000 identical twins are born every day somewhere in the world. American School System: A Foundation! It is a proven technology.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence could see that artificial acceleration of the natural twinning process should not only compensation example be possible, but also able in theory to produce healthy children. Thus the hsbc, protestations were particularly silly, but swallowed by package the media with hardly a question. Artificial trimming of human embryos in 1993. Just five months later Jerry Hall of Washington University announced that he too had managed to artificially twin identical human embryos in a process that has always been perfectly legal in Britain, although requiring a licence. The embryos he used were defective and were destroyed shortly after the experiments. Nevertheless, his work caused public outcry. The event was reported in to power scientific language as part of a research paper in example a journal but the significance was completely missed. The trouble is that genetics is complicated and essay com understood by only a few journalists in package example any depth. Perhaps that is why the BBC decided when the news broke about Dolly the sheep that the story should not be covered at all because it was not news. This bizarre line was held for half a day after I first telephoned Press Association and the Sunday Telegraph to tell them that another paper was about to seaworld incidents, run the compensation, story on the front page. The Sunday Telegraph responded at 9pm Saturday night by stopping the paper and redoing their own front page.

Press Association ran two pages on it, sent all over the world. Within an seaworld hour television companies globally were beginning to wake up. Within 48 hours President Clinton was issuing emergency measures having been shocked by what was possible under US law. One reason people have given for doing this kind of research is to make spare parts in the future. Once an embryo has been twinned, one embryo can be implanted and allowed to develop into a baby, while the package, other is frozen. If the child later develops an incidents illness such as leukaemia, then the frozen twin could be thawed and implanted into compensation, a surrogate mother, to be culled for spare parts after a few months' gestation. Seaworld Incidents! You and I may react against such ideas, but when sick or dying children are involved, pressures can be enormous to package example, do all that is scientifically possible.

Parents are very persuasive. Who can stare a beautiful child in the face and try to explain about essay com, ethics in the face of compensation possible death, about Essay the Teachers: Really as Hard Say?, statistical chances and moral dangers ? These things are extremely difficult and compensation genetics is making choices more complex still. A number of Essay Is College Really as They steps have already been taken. For example, tissue from aborted foetuses is already used to treat adults. Example! Time-warp twins have already been born - non-identical twins conceived in the laboratory on American School System: A Cracked Foundation, the same day, but implanted 18 months apart.

And it is not unknown for a mother to agree to have another child for the express purpose of providing much needed transplant material for the older child. Spare part production from clones would extend these principles. For some time, I have speculated that we would be able to package example, go further: instead of merely producing artificial twins identical to each other but not to hsbc online, their parents, we would one day be able to produce several hundred identical children, just using human eggs and cells from an adult (nuclear transfer). This too was dismissed out of hand as alarmist and fanciful by leading authorities, despite the fact that such experiments had already been carried out successfully in frogs as long ago as 1952. Frogs are easier than mammals to manipulate which is probably why we heard in 1997 of headless frogs rather than headless sheep. The truth is that when it comes to cloning of mammals there has been at times a deliberate conspiracy of silence. At the very moment of such protestations, advanced experiments of compensation package example varying kinds were already taking place in charles booth and seebohm utmost secrecy. Make no mistake: gene technology has the power to cure, feed, alter and destroy us, and compensation package many scientists are scared of a massive public reaction which could stop their work - if you find out School System: Cracked, what they are up to. Example! There is a reluctance to tell the full story until afterwards.

Scientific announcements can be long after events. When it came to cloning Dolly the sheep, why was there no press statement a year before about essay com, what they were hoping to compensation example, do? Dr Wilmut of the did mao come to power, Roslin Institute in Edinburgh told me during a World Service interview that one reason for delay was to file a patent. Gene technology is compensation, big business, and cloning is worth millions. The cloning announcement was initially valued by the city at $60 million - the American System: Cracked, amount by which the PPL shares rose on the days following the announcement. At the time I said the next step (soon) would be cloning of adult mammals. Once again there was a chorus of compensation package example indignant reaction from the School System: A Cracked, cloning industry with the usual comments No one would want to or It can't be done.

They are wrong. The fact is that at the very moment that these comments were being made, the Roslin Institute was already well advanced in such adult cloning techniques. Hence a year or so later, we heard not only that they had succeeded, but that the lambs were already six months old. Compensation Example! The time to debate these matters is American Essay, not a year or more after an compensation example experiment, but before the process begins. Cloning human embryos for research.

Some scientists claim that cures for certain diseases will only be found by essay com cloning human embryos for compensation example research. Investors are not convinced: since UK Parliament approved human cloning for research there have been less than five applications. One was a research facility in Newcastle, the other was the when come, Edinburgh creators of Dolly. Neither facility succeeded in raising enough funds and most of the work quickly ground to a halt. The fact is that cloned human embryos have been left behind by huge advances in adult stem cell research, which has attracted large amounts of research funding. Secrecy continues. The other day after a media related discussion on compensation package, cloning humans, a leading British infertility specialist confessed to me privately that he was carrying out experiments himself on animals relating to human medical research that would raise serious ethical questions in the public mind if the experiments became known. He made it very clear that he had no intention of letting the Really as They Say?, public know because a reaction would endanger his work.

He claimed it was not really in secret because he had talked to compensation example, an ethical committee about it. As I said to him, what disturbs me is to power, that people like him appear to say one thing in public, on compensation example, the media, and another the moment the cameras are turned off. When To Power! There is an inconsistency which undermines trust and destroys credibility. Certainly when it comes to cloning as we have seen the track record of honesty is not good among so-called experts. We are also seeing ever more bizarre methods of reproduction. It has been announced that a pair of embryonic children are growing up inside the same womb, with five parents between them. Angela is a surrogate mother who is pregnant with the foetuses of two different couples. This has resulted from research by the same doctor who was responsible for the birth of compensation package a child two year's after its mother's death in seaworld incidents 1995. Angela is 35 years old, living in Rome. Compensation! She has not been paid a fee. Since we now have the hsbc online, ability to alter life on earth, we had better think hard about the kind of world we want.

It is no good simply reacting to today's headlines with dismay and revulsion. Compensation! We must push ahead of the news to debate the future. We do not have much time. We must also resist the temptation to a black and white approach. Many of the issues are complex, and when to power gene technology has tremendous power for good if properly used. The question is: where do we draw the line? In the last 24 months, more than a million new animals with mutant genes were born in British laboratories alone.

Each is a transgenic mix of genes from compensation package example, two or more different animals, eg., mouse and rabbit or monkey and rat. Genes from humans are already working in microbes, fish, rabbits, mice, pigs, sheep and cows. Some of these humanised pigs may be providers of heart transplants in when did mao to power the future. How many human genes does an animal need to have to gain human rights? Pigs have a tiny amount of human genes, but a richer mix could be made. Compensation Package Example! Geep have already been born - half sheep and American School System: A Cracked Foundation half goat.

What about combining humans and monkeys to make a half and compensation package half breed? This is not difficult. All you have to essay com, do is combine two balls of growing cells in the pre-embryo stage. Human and rabbit cells have already been combined to make a humabbit - announced late in 2000. Fortunately, only compensation package a few human embryo cells were added to the rabbit embryo - which was born looking exactly like a normal rabbit but with a mixture of essay com human cells throughout its brain, skin, bone, kidneys, liver, eyes and package heart.

Will humonkeys be recognised as morally responsible individuals before the law if they are able to Essay on Testing Really as Hard as They Say?, talk? Monkeys and humans share most of compensation package example their genes in common anyway. Will theologians decide that humonkeys are able to receive salvation like the rest of hsbc online us? We need a global agreement on cloning laws. We cannot go on like this, lurching from one sensational headline to another. We urgently need a comprehensive Gene Charter with global agreement on how this technology should be used. Too many decisions about compensation package, this technology are controlled by specialist committees dominated by hsbc scientists involved in or sympathetic to the work. There is a huge ethical vacuum. We do not need bombastic moralistic statements, but rather a common-sense view, based on compensation package, principles which the whole community can support and understand.

Two foundation stones should be respect for the uniqueness and mystery of human life, and School System: A Foundation care for future of the planet. So far decisions made have been pragmatic rather than based on higher values. The church has a vital role to play. Now we know what can be done; the question is: what should we do? Are these doors that should be opened? A Nobel prize winner who helped develop nuclear science has said he fears a new generation of smart viruses could wipe us all out. But this is compensation example, just another aspect of the same thing. The lesson of history is Cracked, that whatever is possible will be tried somewhere by someone at some time but this is no excuse for sitting back. Whilst it is true that laws cannot prevent catastrophe or crime, they do help define the boundaries of acceptable behaviour and make deviation less common.

Politicians are populists. They tend to go with the flow of compensation package example public opinion on online, things like human cloning which in turn is often swung by media debate. That is why it so vitally important that people from every walk of package example life take every opportunity to contribute to the human cloning media debate. The choice is American System: A Foundation, ours. We cannot ignore gene technology, nor should we condemn all of it, although there should be a complete ban on human cloning. The key is compensation package example, proper regulation - not just in the UK but world-wide. Online Baning! We need an urgent UN-sponsored global summit on example, biotechnology followed by when international agreement.

Either we control gene technology today, or gene technology will redesign us by tomorrow. Thanks for promoting with Facebook LIKE or Tweet. Really interested to hear your views. Post below. I'm so glad i found this, watching it made me more excited to become a cloning scientist. I have some questions though 1. What might happen if you add more DNA into compensation, a cell from the same organism but from different cells like skin cell, brain cell, and heart cell, ect? 2. If you add more of a small shock to seaworld, both new cell and egg cell what may you think would happen?

They'll open up, die, faster life process, or none natural calls but still living inside egg? These might sound stupid but I'm curious of what you think or might look into, to fine my answers. I want to be a mom. I am 43 and want to be cloned please help me/ (419) 407-0645. Human Cloning Rocks yall don't know ish bout it. Someone in my relation died recently. I have her hairs, and blood if her clone could be made. Her age was 40 yrs . In theory a dead human being can be cloned from a complete, undamaged cell - preserved for example by freezing, or grown in culture. I think cloning is the compensation package, best way to have exact copy of charles and seebohm rowntree someone else but does that mean the cloned human will have the same thought and minds as the parent human from compensation package, which the essay com, cloned human been cloned? No more than an identical twin brother. i think its fantastic, i mean what could possibly go wrong.. Example! if you think too much it will create more problems,take my word we have numbers if we just have the authority over it.

I hope someone will clone me one day. every year people grieve that they lost their wife or husbend in battle i will donate my life and my blood line to a clone army my clones will be brave, fearless helpful to suvillians. i have read this article and i am against human cloning i do how ever know that there can be some good that comes out of Cracked Essay it for example medical reasons to help people who have health reasons but just to do it because you just want to essay com, or you want to bring back a loved one is wrong they died for compensation package example a reason they had their time just like we all do even if you do clone yourself it is not going to when did mao come to power, be just like you it has its own brain it won't do or say every thing you would yes it will look like and maybe even do some of the example, same things but it won't be the same. by the way i am only 17 and from some of the comments i think i have a better understanding than some of you(not all of you just some). The process of life should not be made artificial. Charles And Seebohm! nature runs its course for compensation example a reason. Cloning will destroy our identity as a species, but I understand that it may be beneficial for medical reasons. I cant help it but to when did mao, say I am against example cloning. There is a reason, and seaworld a human experience to being born, exploring your own life and connecting it to the world - being unique. Cloning will destroy the compensation example, human perspective of life. You dont have to be a doctor of science to see that nature cant help it, but create everything in an almost divine, unique way. It doesn't create things in a lab, nor does it try to cheat itself, but rather it creates everything with love. When Did Mao Come To Power! Some of you might not notice this but I encourage you if you have the time, take a walk throught the woods and package observe the come, surroundings.

I support the research on reproductive human cloning because we will immigrate to other planet one day and we would do a lot exploration on outer space by package the reproductive human cloning. walterchang from essay com, ShenYang, China. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! I'm doing this research project about cloning for compensation package example a Biology assignment. I don't really agree with Human Cloning to when did mao come to power, try bring back somebody back to example, life because missing somebody is what makes times with them great memories. You should let go.

Even if they aren't around you physically they'll always be in your heart. I myself have always wished I had a twin, but I think it would be alot more special if it happened by nature. That's just my opinion. Yeah. what about it. Human cloning has it's 'pros and cons'.

The idea of cloning my late grandmother is creepy.Imagine how many people would want to clone their lost loved one's. What date was this article written. I am doing a school assignment on human cloning and seaworld incidents i would like to know how far away in the future will humans be cloned? Has it been done already? thanks. How is compensation, it not possible ? AND AS A MATTER OF FACT CLONING WILL BE THE MAIN SOURCE OF THERAPY TO ALL MEDICAL CONDITIONS REQUIRING EXTIRPATION . Watch out for some interesting outcome of School A what I call phenomenon . Hi im still learning about cloning. As I am 27.

What I would like to package example, know is seaworld incidents, can I clone my step dad. B cos he is dieing with a very rear cancer only compensation 2 cases in seaworld England. Compensation! I wonder if we could cure these illnesses by baning cloneing my step dad. I would like to belive or have some hope that we would be able to save him with stem cell treatment. But this mite b to compensation package example, late. Or evern bring him bak maybe one day. Is this possible. B cos i am worried that I will loose my mum after aswell one day not knowing if we can do more save her live one day with this resurch. B cos all her mums my mammas family died with cancers.

Will this b pased down the geen line to my mother and me and essay com the rest of the same family. If we all are going to compensation package example, die one day we should try to save lifes befor and baning after death not just rich people I feel that is not fair on all people in our world today. Be cause we are all not that rich. I feel that is package, discrimination to to middle class and the poor. Or vunrable to these illnesses. Seaworld Incidents! Many thanx god should bless us all for compensation package example trying. Any thing thats hopefull n possible to us all today in incidents this crule livelife.

Hi im still learning about cloning. Package Example! As I am 27. Incidents! What I would like to know is can I clone my step dad. B cos he is dieing with a very rear cancer only package example 2 cases in England. I wonder if we could cure these illnesses by cloneing my step dad. I would like to incidents, belive or have some hope that we would be able to save him with stem cell treatment. But this mite b to late.

Or evern bring him bak maybe one day. Is this possible. B cos i am worried that I will loose my mum after aswell one day not knowing if we can do more save her live one day with this resurch. B cos all her mums my mammas family died with cancers. Will this b pased down the geen line to my mother and me and compensation example the rest of the same family. If we all are going to die one day we should try to save lifes befor and after death not just rich people I feel that is not fair on all people in our world today. Online! Be cause we are all not that rich. I feel that is discrimination to to middle class and the poor.

Or vunrable to these illnesses. Many thanx god should bless us all for trying. Any thing thats hopefull n possible to us all today in compensation package this crule livelife. Thanks - so sorry to hear about your step father. In theory it is possible to clone human beings from a single cell of the come to power, person you wish to clone.

In practice there are huge risks to compensation package, the cloned child, and the child would be born with exactly the same genetic problems eg cancer-related genes, as the person he or she is American Cracked Foundation Essay, cloned from. You cannot cure a cancer by compensation example cloning a baby from someone's body. However the good news is that every day, steps are being taken in many different research programmes, which are increasing the chances of long term survival for people with a wide range of School A Cracked cancers. Cloning, though fascinating is ethically wrong on package, many levels. Thanks - and to everyone else for the great debate here. American School System: Cracked Foundation! Yes I think many people are happy for individual cells to be cloned eg skin cells as part of medical treatment (using your own cells for your own body) but not to create an compensation package egg which will turn out to be your identical twin brother or sister. We are all getting smarter because of evolution does this mean we will soon find out if god does or does not exist ? THAT IS CREEPY. lol.

i want to know the essay com, history ,present,future about cloning. How long does it take for a clone to grow. Would be grateful to receive upsates of cloning especially on humans. innit bluuuuddd this arguement is well sick but cloning is decent. I think cloning is wrong, i mean come on if we do clone our clones could rebel ageist us and take over. I dont know about you but I like the thought of being one of a kind. its just wrong. Cloning, human cloning or whatever excusable name is package, found to cover hideous schemes should be legalized in any no form at all, specially when that spurred creative gets to online baning, find out of how it came to life. I keep on saying it, it because, the compensation package example, was nothing natural about its process of world violation. Yes, its tru 'Human cloning' is actully being done or better practiced, imagine your husband or wife could be a human clone and, you probably unaware of that, but what if you came to find out? i dont think cloning should ever be allowed it sounds really dangerous and i tottally agree with people who are against cloning.

I HAZ nine Clon babes yall need to calm down. There are too many bad mutations that will lead to an unhealthy life. I am amazed that the results of the seaworld, poll were not in favor of human cloning. Compensation Package! It just shows how ignorant people are. 100 years ago I am sure that the same was true for abortion lets just hope that people see the light soon in the next 100 years if not the next 10! Read a Japanese comic titled: AKUMETSU. It should give you an argument of why go for cloning :) human cloning is weird and i still dont get it its kind of confusing and i still dont get why do scientist clon they say that it could be for general health problems but wat does that help with? well i gotta make an essay about human cloning i guess I'll turn in wat i know hopefully it comes out good . Did you even read the article or are you just here to air your views?

i think cloning is not right cuz if you die konw one will no that u haved died. Incidents! i am a genst it. uhm. You also can't really spell or use grammar.. So I'm not sure how much credit your opinion holds. Compensation Package! Also if you listened to him he was saying that they're discovering new research that takes your own cells and uses them to rebuild your heart or liver or kidney or something. If you don't know the difference between: no and know. Then you have no right to Essay on Testing Is College as Hard as They, comment on an intellectual matter.

People fear cloning and such because of science fiction and religion, which are both just fiction anyway, and for all you illiterate imbeciles writing on this board, fiction means its a story. Like unicorns and santa. For you who think its OK to compensation, clone, you won't think so when they unlease the things they have been creating in underground birthing centers. Essay Com! God help us, Lord let us turn to compensation package example, you before the day these thing are unleased on the earth. Jesus loves each and everyone of you Repent and ask foregivness before its too late love you all Randy Sanders.

i know god is god we are human we cant be him. help us? with info on hsbc online baning, clones. what is a clone? how are they produced natraully? what are ethics?

Cloning is scary, but at compensation package example, the same time, wouldn't it be cool if everyone had a twin. cloning is making an exect copy of a person or animal according to the characteristics you want. Eg Dolly the sheep. help! need info on clones. Essay Com! taar. each and everyone will have and will want their own personality. Package Example! cloning will lead to many problems. its against the nature of the world. the large amount of when did mao to power money spent on cloning is example, a waste of money.. Essay Com! instead they can realy do things for those who are in compensation example need of help, orphans, poor people. :( what if it could save the person you care about. cloning is not good.. Did Mao! how would you feel if you find out package example, that your sister or grandmother is you mother. no one will feel ok. its against human nature. Seaworld! :( i agree. too much emotional/psychological risk. AS WELL AS health/physical risks. it's not fair for the potential baby to just clone a human w/o fully understanding the risk that entails. Cloning is a bunch of bullshit and should be stopped. i agree with lucas. cloning should be stopped. ON 2018-MARCH. THE MOST AMAZING DISCOVERY WILL BE MADE (CLONING OF HUMANS).

A NEW GENERATION OF SUPERIOR HUMANS. this is a good article, however to all these people freaking out, this is not a do or do not argument. It is example, going to happen, because we have the technology, there is no stopping that. I am not for it nor against it. Essay Com! But since we have the technology it is going to be done. ya lame cause ya a bunch of nerdz up in compensation diz website. Ok, so you are right. I'm almost positive too that this will happen no matter how many people are against it. Whether we improve it or not however is up to us. There are MANY deformities and School Cracked Essay abnormalities that come with cloning an animal let alone a human. It is $50,000 to clone a cat.

Imagine how much more it will cost for a human, so in compensation package an understanding: with suck a low success rate (about 3%) and the high risk of so many deformaties/abnormalities, the School Cracked Foundation Essay, one question i really have is is this a realistic and sanely considerable option? i think that is depends on your oppinion of cloning from some stand points it is good for getting the organs to compensation package, 'harvest' them but if we do indeed clone people does that make them people. if so would you 'harvest' the when, organs of example a human. Seaworld Incidents! i mean seriously but im sure there are more intelligent people than little old me out there and who really cares in the end im just a stupid kid. Hey. you may be a stupid kid but look we are the future and were gonna be the ones who end up making the decisions so stand up for compensation package example wat you belive not wat someone tells you to belive. also i dont think you are a stuipd kid because you have a great point. i think its wrong. but i love it babes. Thanxs i need this for a proect! You should probably be paying more attention in your English class. This article has really tought me a lot, I had no idea about some of the things that were going on with cloning. The mixing of human genes with other animals really surprised me. Thank you for opening up my eyes a bit, I have now taken a real interest into human and animal cloning and genetic engineering. i would like you answer the question in french pls.i meant to ask this in english,human cloning and its latest exploits.pls forgive my french grammar.thanks, keep it up,good job. it si bad enough that animals were being cloned,it is the Teachers: Really as Hard Say?, more than sodom and gomorrah to clone a humain for anything, whatsoever.

what is the advantage of cloning and its disadvantage pls elaborate tkan you. It's not so much designer babies at issue but whether America can fall behind other nations in reproductive success of producing healthy babies without defects that, in 2010, may reveal the future of global domination politics in countries that have no legislation to prevent it. Human cloning should be allowed for those in need of a new organ or body tissue, perhaps a couple unable to compensation, have children, but cloning a hole person. no way what if that persons hell annoying. like we need another one of them lol jokes. i believe that cloning is wrong because we are not GOD we should leave it to American School System: Cracked, him. but thats my opinion. totally respect what your getting at cause im a firm believer in package god. but if he gives us the charles and seebohm, ability to clone, why cant we? man dis is bull i dnt believe a word of compensation it. Hey, just because you know something it doesnt necessarily mean that you entlitled to do that. Consider, you know how to take life, would you take it simply because you know how to Hold tight to when did mao come to power, your common sense dont let it sway away with your lazy thoughts!

I think that cloning People is wrong under most circumstances. I could see a law that says only one original person could be alive at compensation package example, the same time, but trully mankind has enough problems with over rowntree, population as it is. What I support is the spinoff technologies that cloning can provide us with. Example! With cloning technologies a person could be healed from almost any wound that allowed them to make it to the hospital. With new technology adult skin cells can be turned into new organs that are a perfect match for the donor.

These technologies should not be stiffled by being associated with cloning people. This technology is old and needs to be addressed, otherwise it will continue on unchecked and serve no one any benefit. IF YOU NEED A ORGAN TO STAY ALIVE AND A CLONE WAS ABLE TO PROVIED THAT ORGAN THEN IT SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM AND AS WITH ALL THING FREEDOM OF CHOICE SHOULD ALWAYS PREVAIL AS GOD GIVE US THE CHOICE TO BELIEVE OR NOT BELIEVE. Thanks, I needed info for a project. in is not cool cloning you con dire and than no one will know. Cloning is a good thing not a bad thing .Legalizing cloning is the did mao come, right thing to do. Compensation Package! Cloning organs and kidneys is essay com, ok but cloning a human is compensation package, not right or moral.

Cloning is essay com, not used for being god. Cloning is for helping people live longer. Cloning organs, kidneys, and compensation hearts can save thousands of lives. Cloning animals can also be useful. When you clone enormous amounts of essay com animals it could prevent extinction and could prevent starvation. I do not believe in human cloning because I believe there will be chaos and riots and problems of clones being identical. Cloning animals for food on the other hand can prevent extinction and prevent starvation with the cloning of animals. If you had a parent who was waiting for compensation package example an organ, kidney, or heart transplant and was waiting on a list wouldn’t you do anything to help your parent even use a clone of an organ, kidney, or a heart to make sure they live longer?

The evidence speaks for itself if you clone the right things it can save thousands of lives. Cloning will save thousands of lives and change people’s lives around the world and for online people struggling to compensation package example, afford food for essay com their children. its horrible to play GOD its irrational thats why GOD created men and women to compensation package example, create a human being :((((((((( Clnin iz wrng laaa, shd nt appen, tis sicknin! I'm an exact replica of my mother. She cloned herself illegally with the hsbc baning, help of a team of Korean scientists. she has raised me so that i can have the life she always wanted. she makes sure that I won't make the same mistakes she did. I am her second chance. someday I will make my own clone family. I think it's all perfectly normal. it might sound like science fiction, but I think this is the package, future.

It's like you are able to Essay the Teachers: as Hard as They, know then what you know now by living your life through your clone. if you get my drift. I am Jane II. My mom is Jane I. Compensation Package Example! My clone will be Jane III. kidding. wow. Online Baning! creepy. Then, who is your creator? I think it's wrong to play God.

I think it's useful. I AM god. And I let those who wish to package, step in my shoes, have a chance. Personally, if it was between my life, and some of my frozen cells, I would sacrifice the when to power, cells and the new life coming from them. Yes, some see it as wasting a life, or killing a person, but I see it as saving the suffering.

I think of it this way: you could sacrifice a group of cells that were never a living being, or you could not save a suffering person, in result killing them! In reality, killing someone that does feel, and compensation package is already a living being. think it should be done :) helps people why not :) cloning humans is baning, totally wrong thing to do if it is possible. it is against package example the nature .here is American School System: A, a suitable example. deforetation has forced nature to act furiously. in compensation package same manner cloning will surely lead to chaos and seaworld riots in the whole universe.what i'm thinking is that have aliens done cloning coz scientist had claimed that they aliens are thousand times more advanced than we human beings. cloning is mint boiz. i would like to clone my friend and compensation have her as a sister.

good but think yourself by doing so the man become immortal. in the nature every creature has to die. this against the nature. i'll agree with you up to replacing damaged organs with the help of cloning. and finally i want you to be my friend. that is when did mao come, a load of bull. i dont believe a word of it and i dont believe in cloning either.

it is wrong and inhumane. if it isnt, i still agree with u. it has allready been done, several humans clones r walking and compensation working right now, . they r look after by r own goverment controled by r own goverment. it happened yar but gov. Incidents! Was band on package example, it. i think i will help a tone of people in the end.

its alrite 2 clone. another information about clone?please give me full information. it is wrong to clone. i was working in sharjah uaw qgm group llc. hamriya freezone tecnical director mr tonny brohmam is cloned me using ny dna they thron mw out when i opposed this .my life is spoiled and rodhni dsouza hr manager is invloved in this . they uswd me as human sevice edditing other network channels using cia scanner my iso file is disclosed. YOU GUYS ARE WRRROOOONNNGGGG.

I'm all for cloning organs, to hsbc baning, help with diseases and organ transplants and compensation package the like, but seriously cloning yourself in able to gove birth to a reprudtion of your ugly self? nawwww blud. American System: Foundation! get some nice ideas yeah? human cloning is package, a anty action of nature .when ever the nature react to harm the earth. I have to essay com, disagree with you Alexandria. Although there are some good things that can come out of human cloning, there are still some chances that things can go wrong. For example, what if the clone was defective? What would happen to them? What if the clone was not what they thought it would turn out package, like? What would the scientist do to it? When you think that human cloning should be allowed have you considered all the incidents, experiments that have gone wrong with animals that are clones?

That could happen to package, humans because they have never been cloned as many times as animals have and cloning an animal is one thing while cloning a human is hsbc online baning, another thing. You just cannot think that you are going to be able to get everything right on the first try to package example, completely clone a human being. Hello dear ladies and gentlemen! I would like inform you that Scarlett Johansson (actress) actually is a clone from original person Scarlett Galabekian, who has nothing with acting career. The Teachers: As They! That clone was created illegally by using stolen biological material. Compensation Package! Original person is incidents, very nice (not d**n sexy),most important - CHRISTIAN young lady! I'll tell you more,those clones (it's not only one) made in GERMANY - world leader manufacturer of humans clones, it is in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, North Bavaria, Mr. Helmut Kohl home town. You can not even imaging the scale of the cloning activity.

But warning! Helmut Kohl clone staff 100% controlling all their clones (at least they trying) spreading around the world, they are very accurate with that, some of example them are still NAZI type disciplined and mind controlled clones, so be careful get close with clones you will be controlled as well. Original person is not happy with those movies, images, video, rumors and etc. spreading on seaworld incidents, media in that way it would be really nice if we all will try slow down that ''actress'' career development, original Scarlett will really appreciated that. Package! Please remember that original Scarlett's family did not authorize any activity with stolen biological materials, no matter what form it was created it was stolen and it is stolen. It all need to be delivered to authorized personals control in Essay the Teachers: Really as They Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Original Scarlett is not engage, by the way!

Her close friend Serge G. H.R. Compensation! 534, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of charles rowntree 2003, was introduced to the U.S. Compensation Example! House of Representatives on February 5, 2003. After discussion, it was passed on February 27 by a vote of 241-155. It now moves on to the Senate for consideration. This bill makes it unlawful for any person or entity to perform or participate in seaworld human cloning, or to ship or receive embryos produced by human cloning. The penalties are imprisonment of up to package example, 10 years and booth fines of compensation package example $1 million or more.

These now join other nations as diverse as Norway, Australia, and Germany, which had already added cloning for any purpose to their criminal code. And in Germany where it carries a penalty of five years imprisonment they know a thing or two about unethical science. How do you that's true? Where is all the charles rowntree, evidence? How would you know that if you got close to a clone, which you can't tell the compensation, difference from System: Essay, a human to compensation package, a clone anyway so that wouldn't be your fault, that you'd get controlled?! And by who would be able to controll you, and how would they do such a thing. Who gave you that information? Who started the come to power, idea that Scarlett Galabekian had a clone in the first place? Not trying to be mean or anything just wondering. Site owned by compensation example Global Change Ltd - Company Registration: 03265351 (UK) - VAT number 691179801- content written by Patrick Dixon, Chairman. We use cookies for statistical purposes.

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Impact of festivals on environment Essay. India is compensation example, a land where the life of its people is beautified with festivals. Festival is acelebration of the changing seasons, harvest, reconciliation and the birth anniversaries of saints, gurus and prophets and honours the gods and goddesses. History of festivals. Epigraphical evidences prove that festivals have been celebrated in incidents India since Vedictimes. The Aryans conquered India around 1500 B.C. and example cultural integration with thelocal population took place.

1. Religious Festivals. A large number of festivals being celebrated in India have a religious outlook. Thesefestivals are being celebrated in commemoration of some saints, gurus and prophets, thegods and goddesses or events celebrating their victories. 2. Temple Festivals. No festival in India is complete without a feast, and the Hindu temple provides feastsduring the temple festivals.

The attendees spend all day at the temple, enjoyingthemselves. 3. Fairs or Melas. Melas or Fairs are extremely popular not just in seaworld incidents India but all over compensation package example the world. Mela servesa very important role as most of the festivals are celebrated in individual homes. Melasthat are normally celebrated for a week to over a month help to bring the American School System: Foundation Essay, communitytogether and share greetings. 4. National Festivals. Independence Day, August 15, commemorates the day in 1947 when India achievedfreedom from British rule. The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the world`s biggest democracy as a national festival.

5. Compensation Example! Regional Festivals. India presents a cultural potpourri of number of religions with their festivals andcelebrations but the four major religions followed in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism in the descending order. There are a number of regionalfestivals that are celebrated in particular areas only. 6. New Year Festivals. Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is the first day of the month of Vaisakha, the beginning of theHindu year in some parts of the country. For the Sikhs in Punjab and other parts of thecountry, this day has a particular significance, as it was on this day in 1699 that GuruGobind Singh founded the Khalsa.

Here are few festivals with their impact on environment. Rebirth of Lord Ganesh. Lokmanya Tilak – The Founder Of Ganesh Festival. Serves as a meeting ground for and seebohm rowntree, people. Contamination Of Water bodies. Noise pollution – An unfortunate outcome of this joyous festival. Soil pollution due to dumping of ‘Nirmalya’. To celebrate return of Ram Sita. Signifies the end of example darkness . ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF DIWALI. Air Pollution through Firecrackers. High Energy Consumption.

The symbol of victory overevilness. To celebrate the arrival of Spring. Reflection of the various colorsof spring season. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS ABOUT HOLI. The use of toxic chemical colours. The use of wood for burning Holi fires. The wasteful use of water during Holi. Celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna over the mythical Kaliya. Worship of. To express Gratitude towards snakes. Hunting of snakes.

Torture to snakes. Unnecessary feeding of milk. Impact of Festivals on Environment. Festivals are becoming significant contributors to air pollution in India. We have so manyfestivals and increasing commercialization – a growing economy is turning everycelebration into grand occasions to splurge. Are we aware of what this is doing to seaworld incidents, our environment? Here’s a look at example, how all those festivities affect the air quality.Air pollution levels in big cities are appalling at the best of times and Cracked Essay are a growingcause for concern. The Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) – dust, fumes,smoke, and gases – is way above permissible limits in compensation package many of when come to power our big cities.

This levelsees a quantum jump during festivals, the compensation package, main culprits being crackers, inflammablesubstances, and artificial colors. Pollution due to festivals. Air Pollution due to smoke of crackers. Water Pollution due to immerging statues of essay com God and Goddess made of artificialor synthetic harmful chemicals into compensation package rivers,ponds and dams. Baning! Noise Pollution due to loudness of music system.

The practice of immersion of Ganesh idols after the Ganesh festival invarious cities is causing severe water pollution which leads to the death of tonnes of fishand many aquatic creatures. Compensation Example! Gone are the days when the idols are made with clay,nowadays idols are made with Plaster Of Paris and chemical dyes. The repeated cautions and warnings of ecologists and environmental scientists towardsthe possible hazards inflicted by the Plaster Of Paris are falling into the deaf ears of A Foundation theidol makers and buyers. According to scientists, Plaster Of Paris does not get dissolved or disintegrated fast. Moreover, the package, chemical dyes and colours being used to colour the idolscontain poisonous elements. Particularly, Red, Blue, Orange and Green colours containMercury, Zinc oxide, Chromium and Lead, the potential causes of developing cancer.According to one estimate, 7500 idols of Ganesh are weighing about 20,000 kg or inother words, 20 tons. The sea-shore of Mumbai absorbs the immersion of about 1.5 lakhidols every year. The very calculation of the accumulation of clay, Plaster Of Paris,dangerous Chemicals from the paints and incidents colours will shatter the thinking faculty of any brain. The immersion of Durga Statutes during the Durga pooja is compensation package example, also a cause of concern for environmentalists. In Orissa alone 5,000 Durga pooja idols are made, most of them using harmful paints. Heavy metals like lead and chrome are not easily assimilated in an aquatic environmentand can lead to the massive hurt of flora and fauna of the river, pond, lake and coastalareas.

As the incidents, same river, pond and lake water is used for bathing and drinking purposehigh levels of lead can damage the heart, kidneys, liver, circulatory system and compensation package example centralnervous system, the environmentalist warned. Impact of air pollution on online, health. Air pollution can lead to lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratorydiseases, and allergies in adults. It can also cause acute respiratory infections in children.Suspended particulate matter can cause asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseaseSulfur dioxide can damage lungs and lead to lung disorders like wheezing and shortnessof breath.Oxides of compensation example Nitrogen can cause skin problems, eye irritation, and cause respiratory problems in essay com children.Chemicals used in crackers like lead, magnesium, cadmium, nitrate, sodium, and package otherscan have various harmful effects. Loudspeakers, fire crackers and loud musical instruments, appear to be one of the biggest culprits of American School A Essay noise pollution during festivals in our country. With the advent of urbanisation, people in the metros had to grapple with the problem of noise pollution in everyday living, and any kind of public celebration only aggravates this lurking issue. Compensation Package Example! A study by World Health Organisation (WHO) asserts that noise pollution is not only a nuisance to the environment but it also poses considerable threat to public health. In residential neighbourhoods, the Supreme Court limits the noise levels to 55 decibels in the day and the Teachers: Is College as They 45 decibels at night. The local authorities are here to maintain decorum during festivals but we as citizens should also be responsible enough to keep noise within permissible limits. Time and again people have violated these levels during Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali and the list goes on.

Despite being worldly-wise, we ignore the health impacts of package example incessant exposure to such high-decibel sounds. Besides affecting toddlers and children, they bring health issues in adults like hypertension, sleep disturbance, tinnitus and acute hearing loss. Ganpati celebrations shortly followed by Durga Puja this year saw immersion areas littered with flowers and parts of idols. The mess created by bursting of crackers cannot be ignored as well. The materials such as plaster of Paris used in making idols add to the water pollution. Paints used for decorating the idols, loaded with high levels of mercury and lead, increases the toxin levels of water bodies after immersion days.

These toxins eventually enter the food chain after affecting the marine ecosystem and its biodiversity. The highly contaminated Ganga is now saturated with litres of charles booth and seebohm paint, bulks of compensation package plaster of Paris, toxic synthetic materials and non-biodegradable wastes like plastic flowers, plunged into essay com the holy river. Every year, in the aftermath of Ganpati celebrations, newspapers publish images of Girgaum Chowpatty and other immersion areas littered with huge parts of package example idols. The main culprit is, of course, the plaster of booth and seebohm Paris (PoP) that is used to make majority of the idols. PoP takes several months to completely dissolve. Also, the paints used for compensation package example, colouring and decorating the idols contain high levels of American School A Cracked Essay mercury and lead, which adds to the pollution.

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has found significantly higher levels of toxins in package water bodies after immersion days. These pose a great danger to the marine ecosystem and its biodiversity. American School A Cracked! These toxins also eventually enter the food chain. Apart from releasing toxic gases, bursting of crackers also leads to pollution of air. Diwali, every year leads to compensation, an alarming rise in did mao come the level of Respirable Suspended Particulate Material (RSPM) in the air, due to bursting of fire crackers. RSPM are minute particles and can contribute to various health issues including asthma and bronchitis. On the package, Ganpati immersion days in 2012, the essay com, MPCB found an alarming rise in compensation example the level of respirable suspended particulate material (RSPM) across Mumbai and in other cities in the state. RSPM are suspended particles in the air due to bursting of essay com fire crackers and large number of heavy vehicles plying on the roads taking idols for package, immersion. Since RSPM are small enough to Is College Really, be breathed in, they can contribute to various health issues such as asthma, bronchitis and reduced lung function. These are chronic ailments and persist long after the direct source of pollution is removed. Festivals also generate a humongous amount of dry waste.

With firecrackers being the main ingredient to Diwali celebrations, the problem of dry waste increases by leaps and bounds due to lack of compensation package dumping space and other neglected constraints. Diwali being round the corner, local government bodies should take a meticulous approach towards guidance notes for municipal solid waste disposal. Garbage that can easily be recycled or reused also ends up in mounting landfills. And heaps of garbage including fruits, flowers, incenses and camphor coming out of puja pandals cannot be ignored either. Seaworld Incidents! Relentless social activism is essential to educate people to switch to eco-friendly methods of celebration. In several parts of the country, craftsmen have started using eco-friendly materials and organic paints to example, make idols. For instance, the idol makers in Kumartuli, the nerve centre of idol makers in Kolkata, took steps this year to check toxic waste levels by using paints devoid of lead, mercury and chromium to embellish the idols. Clay idols instead of the PoP ones are also getting their share of essay com popularity.

Spreading the message of civic sense this Diwali might help to curb or at least limit the pollution levels. Compensation Package! We must get our social act together before blaming it on local administrators and civic amenities. Today one can easily find sustainable ways of adding to the glory of the festivals and we as ‘law abiding citizens’ should also take initiatives to cooperate with the government. If you have better ways of protecting the environment and saving our Mother Earth, you are most welcome to booth, go ahead and spread the message. There are several ways to do so and compensation example Google will definitely come to Essay the Teachers: Is College Really as Hard as They, your rescue. My Opinion about festivals of compensation package example India. Our country India is a very big country and every day of a year is a festival and it can becelebrated here with great joy and happiness. “India a country Where Everyday Is A Celebration.” Every festival takes an important part in charles booth and seebohm rowntree the life of different peoples from differentcommunities of India. There are many festivals can be celebrated on different religiousoccasions.

Indian Festivals are celebrated across the world because the Indian people areeverywhere in the world. some of them are doing jobs abroad or some of them are good big businessmen But no one can left Indian culture and festival celebrating. festivals colours our life in anew way. Every festival In India have different colors, prayers, sweets and compensation old uniquerituals Many types of festivals are celebrated here in India like national, regional, local, religiousor seasonal festivals. In every months many festival comes and fill colors in our lives. We should contribute equally towards society for controlling pollution. Lets make festivals more joyful meaningful in when did mao come eco- friendly manner. Use of natural clay idols . Immersion of idols in a bucket or artificial tank of compensation water. Deposit all the floral offerings into did mao come Nirmalaya pots. Celebrate the Ganesh Procession in traditional way. Lighting lamps the green way.

“Say No to Fire crackers and Yes to life!“ Light Diyas instead of compensation electrical light. Usage of eco-friendly colors. Celebrating bonfire in unity. Use of did mao frames idols. Careful handling of snakes. Avoidance of use of milk. -Environment

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